Plastic Storage and Handling Crate - Ventilated Stackable Crate

Our 40 litre stackable storage and handling crate is a great option if you require durability and functionality from your crate. Being a ventilated storage crate it allows air movement therefore increasing the crates application possibilities. This crate not only accommodates excellent storage, it is a durable and functional handling crate able to be efficiently used in a multitude of industries and applications.

Durable storage and handling crateStorage and handling crate features

Fully recyclable, crates lock together when stacked, made from impact resistant food approved high density polyethylene, vented base and sides. A fantastic storage and handling crate.

Storage and handling crate uses

The ventilated crate is ideal for storage of all types of products particularly where air movement around the product is desired whether to promote quicker cooling or improve drying, it is ideally suited for the storage of plant bulbs, fruit and vegetable’s etc. The crates can also be used in automated systems.

Crate dimensions

Internal crate size 560mm x 365mm x 215mm
External crate size : 590mm x 400mm x 245mm
Crate weight: 1.71kg

Standard colour for this storage and handling crate is black, but other colours can be requested (minimum crate run qty may apply).

Storage and handling crate options

Available with long life UV additive if required, minimum crate run qty may apply.

Available in other colours minimum crate run qty may apply.

plastic ventilated storage crate

Ventilated storage crate used in a nursery

This picture shows the Plastech handling and storage crate in use at a nursery.


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