Who We Believe We Are

Plastech prides itself on supplying our customers with creative and innovative solutions.  We are happy to share our extensive market and business experience to grow your business, whilst identifying and developing on-going opportunities.  We strongly believe in providing a service based on integrity and professionalism and can bring the same enthusiasm to the process of manufacturing as you have for creating your product - we are a “manufacturer of ideas”. 

Organisational Vision 

Partnering with clients through innovative solutions and opportunities while sharing and utilising our combined creativity and business acumen to allow both parties to develop and benefit.

 Mission Statement 

Plastech will supply customers with creative and innovative solutions. To partner them, sharing our market and business acumen to grow their business through market placement whilst identifying, developing and succeeding with opportunities that have been created.

 We will be the first plastics moulding company clients come to as a result of creating integrity and professionalism

 Our Values


Developing and guiding our staff within an environment, which enables them to flourish, grow and fulfill their personal and professional aspirations.


Developing a partnership with our clients to mutually benefit and grow from shared skills.

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