The Plastech Wambat Padder Tennis Bat

WamBat padder tennis bats available New Zealand wideThe Wambat Padder Tennis Bats are produced from a high performance UV stabilised polypropylene using a special foam reaction process to produce a lightweight bat with increased strength & rigidity to ensure a long life. A high performance and durable padder tennis bat we are proud to manufacture and supply. Ideal for any use such as schools, education facilities, clubs, sports organisations, social groups, personal use etc.

The Superior New Zealand Padder Tennis Bat

Ordering your WamBat padder tennis bats

The WamBat padder tennis bats are produced in blue as shown in the photo to the right, but if you want a different colour then we can arrange this for you. Please note that a minimum run number of padder tennis bats may be required for colour change requests.

Padder tennis bat ordering code

When you are making an enquiry about the WamBat padder tennis bats please use the code : PTWBB

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